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UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. UNFPA’s new strategic plan (2022-2025), focuses on three transformative results: to end preventable maternal deaths; end unmet need for family planning; and end gender-based violence and harmful practices. In a world where fundamental human rights are at risk, we need principled and ethical staff, who embody these international norms and standards, and who will defend them courageously and with full conviction. UNFPA is seeking candidates that transform, inspire and deliver high impact and sustained results; we need staff who are transparent, exceptional in how they manage the resources entrusted to them and who commit to deliver excellence in programme results.

Organizational Location

The position is located in Haiti Country Offices (CO). The duties and responsibilities of the Security Analyst (SA) include the safety and security of all UNFPA personnel, eligible dependents, eligible partners and contractors, resources, assets, facilities, Programmes, and projects in addition to promoting, enabling and supporting UNFPA Programme delivery throughout the individual country of responsibility while ensuring compliance with all United Nations security policies, procedures and regulations. The Security Analyst will report directly UNFPA Haiti Office Representative with a parallel line of technical coordination with the Regional Security Advisor (RSA). At Headquarters level, the OSC will, through the Regional Security Advisor (RSA), provide policy and technical advice to the Security Analyst regarding the safety and security of UNFPA personnel, eligible dependents, property and operations within the context of UNFPA’s development role, while dovetailing with and respecting UNDSS’s mandate and role, and working within the UN and UNFPA security policy and framework. The Security Analyst is also expected to work very closely with the International Operations Manager.

Job Purpose
The incumbent will advise on the protection of, and minimizing the risk to, UNFPA personnel, eligible dependents, property and operations in all locations and at the same time enabling UNFPA Programme delivery throughout the individual country of responsibility. This will be achieved through:
Advising on UNFPA security support feature in the programming process at the country office level as well as in the case of each individual project, from project identification, planning, budgeting, implementation and right through to monitoring and evaluation;
Strengthening the security arrangements of UNFPA and maintaining a security network of international and national security personnel.
More specifically, the Security Analyst is to protect and minimize the risk to all UNFPA personnel, property and operations in all locations and at the same time enabling UNFPA Programme delivery throughout the duty station within the context of UNFPA’s development role, while dovetailing with and respecting UNDSS’ mandate, and working within the UN and UNFPA security policy and framework. The Security Analyst’s priority of support and advice should focus on the Country Office and UNFPA programmes and operations in high risk areas.

Major Activities/Expected Results
1. Programming:
● Provide security policy guidance and security management support to the Country Representative and CO management team enabling effective Programme planning, implementation and delivery within the framework of all UN/UNFPA security policies and procedures.
● Mainstreaming of security into all levels of Programme design, implementation and delivery through the substantive monitoring of ongoing and future projects and programmes providing innovative and proactive support, direction and solutions, where required.
● Review the impact of current as well as future potential security factors and trends on UNFPA planning, Programme design and delivery, as well as the possible impact that Programme design might have on the stability and security, ensuring that possible support needs are identified and improvements are implemented.
● Liaise and coordinate activities of partner organizations and counterparts in the planning, preparation and execution of missions, ensuring the safety and security of UNFPA personnel as the highest priority.
● Take necessary actions to protect and minimize risk factors to all UNFPA personnel, property and operations in all locations and at the same time enabling UNFPA Programme delivery throughout:
– Maintaining and developing the security network of international and national security personnel.
– Participating as a member of the security cell established by DSS in country.

Threat and Risk Assessment:
● Conduct a threat and risk assessment of operations in the departments and regions where UNFPA projects are implemented, identify, plan and implement appropriate risk mitigation measures.
● Contribute/Assist in inputs to UNDSS in preparing a comprehensive threat and risk assessment of the country to include all locations where UNFPA personnel, dependents and equipment are present.
● Contribute/Assist in inputs to the Security Management Team through the UNFPA Country Representative.
● Support local UNFPA travel unit/functions with risk assessments related to travel – air, road, river, etc.
● Review all security clearance requests and take necessary decision for UNFPA personnel travelling to HIGH and VERY HIGH RISK areas to ensure requests are in compliance with the Programme Criticality, Residual Risk decision making process and MOSS measures are in place.

Security Plan and Business Continuity
● Work closely with UNDSS to ensure that UNFPA procedures conform to the UN security framework.
● Provide inputs and assist UNDSS in establishing, maintaining and updating the country specific security plan and contingency plans in accordance with the UN Security Policy Manual (SPM).
● Ensure that all UNFPA personnel are included in the Security Plan of the respective duty stations, (including UNFPA Field Coordination offices) being prepared by UNDSS.
● Update the UNFPA component within the country-specific security plan and contingency plans in accordance with UNDSS.
● Train UNFPA wardens and follow up on their specific needs accordingly for both international and national staff.
● Provide security related contributions to the CO Business Continuity Plan, with guidance from the RSA/OSC.

Minimum Operating Security Standards:
● Ensure that all UNFPA personnel and equipment are SRM compliant.
● Ensure that Country Office management is briefed sufficiently on security requirements in order to take decisions and provide adequate resources so that staff members are provided with; and proficient in the use of, safety and security equipment, including communications equipment, vehicle emergency equipment and personal security safeguards required for work in the field.
● Establish and operate internal communication systems so that UNFPA communications are integrated into the appropriate UN Security Communications System.
● Provide advice on selection and procurement of appropriate equipment for security (PPE, vehicles, telecommunications equipment, etc.).
● Provide advice to the operations manager and senior management on the security of transportation and logistics.
● Provide orientation and training to international and national personnel on security guidelines, communication procedures, travel precautions, emergency procedures and existing restrictions in movement, such as curfews, restricted and dangerous areas.
● Coordinate with DSS 24-hour response to all security related incidents involving UNFPA personnel and eligible dependents.
● In coordination with UNDSS, and on behalf of the Country Representative, ensure appropriate professional liaison with local authorities responsible for security, law and order, counterparts in diplomatic missions and municipal/civic/religious and traditional leaders.

Information Management:
● Provide timely and accurate security advice to the UNFPA Management, Programme managers, project managers, visiting missions and visiting consultants.
● Immediately report all security -related incidents involving UNFPA personnel and eligible dependents to the Country Representative, RSA and UNDSS in country.
● Ensure that UNFPA Programme personnel get situation reports and other appropriate security-related information generated by UNDSS in a timely and efficient manner.
● In cooperation with the HR unit, ensure that UNFPA personnel lists are maintained and updated, including details of visiting missions and consultants.
● In coordination with UNDSS in country, establish good relationships with national law enforcement, military and civil intelligence authorities (whenever deems necessary), counterparts in the Diplomatic Missions and municipal/civic/traditional leaders.
● In coordination with UNDSS in country, conduct investigations of injuries/death of a personnel and/or staff eligible dependent under suspicious and unclear circumstances.
● Participate in inter-agency security coordination efforts.

Funds Management:
● Monitors that all projects/programmes contribute resources to implementation of safety and security measures.
● Formulate and manage the annual work plan and related budget, initiates budget revisions.
● Ensures that allotted funds are budgeted in QUANTUM in a timely fashion.
● Ensure that costs and expenditures remain within budgeted and approved limits through the monitoring of monthly QUANTUM reports.

Resource Mobilization:
● Ensure that the security cost of doing business is included in all appeals/proposals/concept notes and project descriptions.
● Participate in the drafting of CAP and CAP reviews, to be presented to donors (as required).
● Provide inputs to donor reports, as required.

Office and Residential Security:
● Conduct periodic appropriate security assessments of UNFPA premises and equipment and advice on shortfalls in security preparedness with recommended improvements and solutions.
● Lead on developing and implementing office security requirements for Country Office, field offices and UNFPA-implemented projects offices.
● Establish and implement access control mechanisms (visitor/vehicle screening) as necessary for UNFPA and project offices based on the security level.
● Represent UNFPA security interests in any common premises that UNFPA occupies ensuring that staff safety and security are the primary consideration.

● The Security Analyst will, in consultation with the Country Representative, respond to requests from the DO/DSS, to perform UN system related security tasks.
● Any other tasks assigned by the UNFPA Country Representative or Regional Security Advisor or International Operations Manager.

Work Relations
Internal partners include all staff in the Operations section as well as Program Personnel at the Haiti CO. The incumbent will also regularly liaise with the Regional Security Advisor (RSA) and from time to time with the HQ OSC on issues relating to the Security measures and their implementation. External partners include UNDSS, UN-AFPs Security professionals, Security companies and the CO’s suppliers of Security equipment and Service.

Job Requirements Education and Experience:
● Master’s degree in Security Risk Management, political/social or international relations, law enforcement law or related area or License’s degree with at least one year of relevant progressively responsible experience in the field of security risk management or Bachelors’ degree with at least two year of relevant progressively responsible experience in the field of security risk management or a Service with military or Police with technical certification in security management with at least two relevant progressively responsible experience in the field of security risk management.
● A prior experience within the United Nations will be an asset.

– UNDSS/UNSMS Security Certification Programme (SCP) completion is desirable.
– Practical and professional experience in the military, police or humanitarian work;
– Formal training in security risk management.
– Previous experience of working in a conflict/post-conflict or crisis environment is an asset.
– In-depth knowledge of security management and risk management.
– Knowledge of UN/UNFPA business, operations and programming cycle.
– Knowledge of UN structure; roles and responsibilities of the Resident Coordinator, Representative, DO, SMT, UNDSS and UN Security Management System.

Fluency in French with Excellent writing and oral skills, English and Creole;knowledge of another UN language is an asset.

Computer Skills
Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (Word., Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and experience in handling of web based management systems.
Required Competencies:

Values: • Integrity – An ability to work honestly, openly, impartially and in accordance with the values of the United Nations. • Professionalism – An ability to work in a calm, competent and committed manner; Is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results. • Respect for Diversity – An ability to work effectively, respectfully, and inclusively with people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives.

Core Competencies: • Communications • Teamwork • Planning & Organizing. • Accountability • Client. • Creativity. • Commitment to Learning

Functional Competencies: • Advocacy/ Advancing a policy-oriented agenda • Leveraging the resources of national governments and partners/ building strategic alliances and partnerships • Delivering results-based programmers • Internal and external communication and advocacy for results mobilization.

Managerial Competencies (if applicable): • Judgment/Decision Making • Vision • Leadership • Empowering • Building Trust.


Important information for US Permanent Residents (‘Green Card’ holders)

Under US immigration law, acceptance of a staff position with UNFPA, an international organization, may have significant implications for US Permanent Residents. UNFPA advises applicants for all professional level posts that they must relinquish their US Permanent Resident status and accept a G-4 visa, or have submitted a valid application for US citizenship prior to commencement of employment.

UNFPA is not in a position to provide advice or assistance on applying for US citizenship and therefore applicants are advised to seek the advice of competent immigration lawyers regarding any applications.

Applicant information about UNFPA rosters

Note: UNFPA reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement.  We may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNFPA at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and educational requirements.

Scam warning

The United Nations does not charge any application, processing, training, interviewing, testing or other fee in connection with the application or recruitment process. Should you receive a solicitation for the payment of a fee, please disregard it. Furthermore, please note that emblems, logos, names and addresses are easily copied and reproduced. Therefore, you are advised to apply particular care when submitting personal information on the web.


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